Comic Book Indians

American Indian Representation and The National Indian Project

The National Indian Project is an online database of American Indian, Alaskan Native, and Pacific Islander representations in comic books.. The National Indian Project is designed as a tool to aid scholars and academics by centrally locating a reference list of all Native American representations in National Comics (Known presently as DC Comics) between the creation of Detective Comics, Inc. in 1937 and the beginnings of the modern corporate comic era in the late 1970s. This era has been selected as the focus of this project because this early period of comic book history is filled with a broad and diverse spectrum of Native American representations. This is not to say that the representations found in this bibliography are necessarily positive or that the modern age of comic books, in which Native Americans are most often relegated to the role of “Indian Superhero” are not filled with representations which are negative and harmful. But rather that the representations listed here are not limited to a single category, era, place, or theme and present scholars with the opportunity to view a wide degree of attitudes towards Indianness held by the writers, artists, editors, publishers, purveyors, and consumers of these comic books. The comic book stories contained within this project have been located from an archival review of 8000 comics representing the vast majority of all stories created by DC Comics during this period.